What do you need to set up behavior-based emails

This is what you need to have prepared before you start this course:

  • Google Docs or any other text processor 
  • A Segment.com account OR 1-2 days of development resources — to implement event tracking and sending events to Encharge.
  • Encharge account — to map and automate your behavior emails

If you are already sending events to Segment, Encharge offers a native and easy-to-use Segment integration. You can skip the development part of the process and go straight to implementing emails and flows in Encharge.

If you are starting from scratch, you would need to work with a developer to connect your app to Encharge and send events (user actions) via an API. We are going to discuss this in a later chapter, but all you need for now is to discuss the availability of your developers and secure 1-2 workdays.

Pro tip: Developers are busy people, and marketing-related development tends to be a thing that stays on the back burner. To avoid this, ensure you have thoroughly planned and organized the development schedule well in advance, preferably a few weeks before the deadline of your project.

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